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My 880SS

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Yes, it has an 18" barrel. I shortened it yesterday and recrowned it. Wears a Bushnell .22 3-9x32.

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Thanks. I like it myself. I guess most people like thier 22" barrel. I thought there would be a few more coments.
I like the looks of the shorter barrel. If I knew how to do it myself, I would. Also, to get a shorter mag for my gun, which I'll get from Ted.

Have you noticed any increase in accuracy with the new crown?

Looks real good,
I haven't shot it enough yet to tell about accuracy. All I have shot are Mini Mags and Power Points. Mini Mags were pretty good. Sub 1" at 50 yds, which is about the same as before I shortend it.

Tell me about getting shorter mags.

Look up a member here named Ted and send him a message. He will shorten the mags to hold 5 rounds and it looks a lot better. He will send you pictures of before and after on a gun. Other people here do it themselves, but I'm not that handy. If you'e doing your own barrel shortening and crowning, I'm sure you can do it yourself. There are instructions, I believe, in past threads.

All of the info, I have seen pertains to the .22mag. mags but I would think it would be similar for the .22lr's. However, my disclaimer is, I don't know that much about these kinds of things.

Again, good looking gun,
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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