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Muzzle Weighted Barrels

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I just bought a 10/22 deluxe SS with 22" barrel, from wallie world. I like the stock and don't have the money to buy a new bbl and stock so I was wondering about the VQ muzzle weighted barrels? is it worth the $149 and will it make that much of a difference?
I want a good all-around rifle and a bull barrel with the thumbhole stock is just too heavy for hunitng purposes. Thanks ahead of time for the information.
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HistoryStudent - Welcome to RFC

Well if it was me and I just bought
the gun,I would first clean it up and get all the factory gunk off.

Then buy a couple of bricks
of HV ammo and go out and shoot it.

May be a tack driver as it is once you
get it broke in.

Later you might want to add a VQ
hammer to lighten up the trigger a bit.

But I would shoot and enjoy right now.
Add on the other stuff later.


PS Do a lot of read'in in the 10/22
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Now someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Ken from WFMBS allude to Green Mountain coming out with a quite a few more sporter weight barrels when the two 16.5" sporters came out a few monthes ago. Maybe SS, and maybe even a sporter weight that is fluted. It may pay to be patient awhile.
But if you must, here are some more ideas.
I am not a fan of muzzle weighted barrels, but being a Volq. I would bet it's a shooter. You may also want to ask Ken about the Green Mountain part #901541, it's a SS muzzle weighted or Running Boar barrel as they refer to it.
If money is tight they also have listed on Ken's sight, WhiteFace Mountain Barrel Supply, http://www.riflebarrelsupply.com/gm10-22.htm, an 18" non fluted SS barrel for 89.95 shipped.
You could get that barrel, sell the Wally world sporter stock, and pick up a Hogue that is already cut for the .920 barrel, I think you could probably find one reasonable in our own for sale column here. Then as funds allow get a stock you like better. And still be ahead.
Also if you like the setup as it is, sending your barrel to Randy at CPC is an option.
But one thing for sure, Plinkers advice about getting a Volq. hammer, and a few bricks of HV 22 ammo and break it in according to the methods here on this forum, will let you know if it's a shooter right out of the box. And it very well might be.
Andy :)
Oh yeah, welcome to the club, it's a ball from here on out. And you are at the right place. :D
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good advice above

I have the same gun and I'd go with new hammer, GOOD SCOPE and find the best cheap ammo before buying bricks.
22" Sporter Barrel From "WMBS"


Welcome to RFC......! ! :)

You have already been given very good advice...! ! ;)

The "Sporter" barrel mentioned above is identical to your factory barrel on your "Wal*Mart" 'Special', and would essentially drop right into your "Ruger" Sporter stock:
0 Both are 22" in length.
0 Both have the "Sporter" contour. [will 'drop into' your stock]
0 Both are the same weight and balance.

The major difference is the chamber...! ! The WMBS 22" "Sporter" has a Bentz chamber, which is the 'match' chamber for .22LR semi-autos...! ! :cool:

However, in the past the "Sporters" offered by Ken of WMBS have been blued 4140 carbon steel, vs the stainless steel of your rifle. You might want to contact Ken [XF2 here on RFC] at Whiteface Mountain Barrel Supply regarding the 22" "Sporter" barrels; none are shown on his Site now, but, he may have some coming in in the future...! ! ;)

The contrast of a blued barrel on your silver receiver might be "cool"... :cool:

In the meantime, consider buying a "VQ" 'Target Hammer' only from one of RFC's Sponsors for ~ $33. PPD; it is a 'drop in' part and will give you a safe and crisp 2 1/2 to 2 3/4 pound pull...! ! :)

Good Luck...! ! :)

PS: If you have questions on History, ask us; some of us were around when it was "Breaking News"......! ! :D :D
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Thanks for all the info. I think for right now I'm just going to get a scope on it. My dad works with gun dealer and he's going to get a scope base and rings for me. I'm thinking about getting Simmons 22mag rimfire scope I saw in the Natchez catalog.
I shot about 70 rounds of CCI minimags through it and didn't have any problem with it. I shot some pop cans from about 50yds and then paper targets at 25, along with my pistol. I was surprised at how well it shoots and I can't wait to get a scope on it.
Anyways, thanks for the information.
ohhhhh yeah blued barrel on a silver reciver is cool.

a friend of mines walmart 10/22 shoots very well almost good enough to make me wonder what I spent my money on, looks, yeah that was good enough.

glad to have you here
My father and I shot the gun today. I finished off my CCI minimags and shot 3 remington thunderbolts through it and decided that was enough of that, I didn't want to gunk up my gun just yet. The powder was extremely dirty, and the last round I shot left powder burning in in the chamber, so I gave the rest of them to my dad to shoot in his gun. The main screw that holds everything together (take down screw?) came loose so i had to snug it up. I was shooting from about 25 yds and got 7 out of 10 in the 10'r once. (shooting off a tree) I don't really like the sights though. My dads buddy is going to give me the hook up on a scope, base and rings. Is the Leopold or the Weaver a better base? I also got my copy of Ultimate Ruger 10/22 Manual And User's Guide today so I think i'm going to take it apart to get a good look at it.
Thanks for all the info!
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