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Muzzel Velocity .17 HMR Federal

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How many of you have run the .17 ammo through a chrono???? Did not really think about it, but while working up some loads for a .300RUM and .243 I decided to pop a quick few through my Oheler. I was very surprised to find that the Muzzel Velocity at 10 feet from barrelusing federal v-max ammo was a mean 2679 fps through my 917VS. High was 2699 fps with a low of 2643 fps for an extreme spread of 56fps. SD was 16 on this 11 shot spread. Was very windy so did not bother with group, just wanted to chrono it. This made a very big difference in my bullet drop that I had calculated based on 2550. Anyway, just thought I would throw it out for others that have done the same. Curious if you have found the same or closer to 2550. How about some different rifles??? CZ etc. Any differences???