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Mounting a 800116

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Ok I'm going to order the simmons 800116. Now on to mounting it.

What type of base and rings am I looking for(going on a 10/22)

I've been reading post here and it seems weaver or Millet seem to be the Prefered brands. Thats cool.

What I'm really needing to know however is what size rings I need. Or is the diameter on the skinny part of the scope a standard size?
Since I haven't actually seen the scope yet I can't measure it's diameter and I've had no luck finding much info for it online(other than here)
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I haven't mounted any scopes on 10/22's.

But yes, the 800116 is a standard 1 inch diameter scope tube.

It is rather long however. And AO with 44mm objective.
So I am guessing you will need at least medium height

But someone with a 10/22 could answer that definitively.
Power Custom 10/22 Base

Burris Signature Zee Rings in Medium

That combination should work and it is rock-solid!

Good luck! :D
Forgot to mention

Planning on changing the factory stock to a butler creek bipod stock and a butler creek 18" carbon fiber with triport barrel in the .920. Don't know if that will make a difference in what mounts I need to use.
BC CF Barrel w/ BC Bipod Stock

Planning on changing the factory stock to a butler creek bipod stock and a butler creek 18" carbon fiber with triport barrel in the .920.
You might want to do a little more research on stocks and barrels before you buy....! ! ;)

Neither the "BC" 'CF' barrels or the "BC" stock w/ bipod have received favorable reviews here on RFC.....! ! :(

Do a SEARCH in the "Stocks & Barrels" Forum.....! ! :)

Good Luck.....! ! :)
Thanks for the heads up

I'll take a look around. Honestly I haven't checked out any other manufacturers yet. Been too busy drooling over scopes :)
Hi everyone. I'm a new member and waiting for the brown truck to deliver my Simmons 800116. I have a CZ Special and just want to know if the combination Viper mentioned will work for me. Thanks, You have a great site here.
CZ Scope Mounting


May I suggest that you repost your question over on the "CZ Forum" here on RFC; you will get your answer there.....! ! :)

The various models of the CZ-452 come with different groove widths, and you will need rimfire / airgun / Tip-Off type rings to mount your scope......! ! :eek:

"Zee" rings are for "Weaver" or "Weaver type" bases, NOT for grooved receivers like the CZ...! ! :(

Good Luck....! ! :)

As already mentioned the CZ forum will likely give you the answers.

The BKL #257 mount is quite good. And will work with the
11mm grooves, though I haven't put them on a CZ specifically.
Thanks for the advice. I'll check out the BKL mounts.
ring height..

I'm waiting for my Boyds blaster stock & the 800116 scope . i already have the pc base whats the best height rings I have to install .. & what particular brand.. thanks to any suggestions & help...:)

OK my 800116 came today :)

Now I've decided on a hogue OM stock and a green mountain .920 barrel. Should I still go with the medium height zee rings or will I need the High ones? I'd like to have flip open covers.
Yes it will as long as you use the Powers custom base and not the Ruger factory base. The Powers base is thicker so it adds a little height to the setup.
Just mounted a 800116 on a power base using medium Burris Zee rings.

Got quite a bit of space from bell to barrel. I'll bet the low rings would make it suck down close real nice.

Goin' to check ring height tolerances......
Strange. Can't find any low Zee rings. Maybe they don't make 'em.

Anyone finds 'em, please send me a link.
Rimfire Junkie,

Are you looking for low Signature Zee Rings?
This is all I could find.

Burris Zee rings
Yup. That's them. Looks like I overlooked a page at Midway.

Thanks :)
Hmmm...upon closer inspection, that ain't them. The Signature rings (low) with the inserts are what I'm looking for.
Thanks Eric.

This mean I can quit doing web searches and go to sleep? :p
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