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Mounties for grandsons

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Finally have 2 mounties set up for my 2 grandsons. Not identical, but close. View attachment 374560
Brown Outerwear Sleeve Wood Collar
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They should be mighty proud of them. I can't think of anything more fun to shoot than a Mountie with a Skinner sight! I wish I had a granddaddy like you back in the day.
You are a great Grandpa, Papa or what they call you! I have a 39a with a Skinner that I hope will go to one of my grand children one day. I hope they enjoy them for years to come.
I'm getting ready to give 4 grand-nephews/niece a .22 rifle but they are only Model 60's, not 39-A's. Your grandkids are fortunate. Either way, the smile on the faces will be priceless.
my 3 39A rifles are going to my 3 sons. i have already sent one off with the middle son a couple weeks ago. the youngest son is living at home but will take his with him when he moves out later this year and the third and oldest son has to wait for me to either pass or stop shooting. he lives in Chicago and doesnt get out shooting hardly at all anymore but he has one to call his own once i'm gone.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts