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firing pin fit

Cpt. D-Mossy firing pins may need some fitting to work correctly. I made one to replace a broken pin in my 377(plinkster-70s model) and it worked beautifully. I then picked up a spare on ebay and it would not even fit into the bolt! I had to do considerable filing and stoning to reduce width and height to specs.It still has a problem with jams and need smoothed up a little more.If you still have parts of old pin you might compare them with the new and see if there are any visible discrepencies. Also check that the new pin slides smoothly in the track and does not stick up above the bolt surface when in place (both problems with mine).The good news is that it's not brain surgery and if you are comfortable with hand tools it's not hard to do.Work slowly and carefully and check your work often.Good luck and good shooting-Bruce H
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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