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Mossberg 144 LS

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I recently acquired a Mossberg 144 LS with the Lyman peep site. I got it because I would like to try my hand at target shooting with a peep site. All my rimfire target rifles are scoped. This should be challenging. I was a bit disappointed that when I inspected the bore I found quite a bit of rust and some pitting. I am guessing it was not cleaned regularly probably due to having to remove the rear site to get the bolt out. I have been trying to get it out with some limited success. I am hopeful that the accuracy is unaffected. If someone who reads this post has a copy of the illustrated parts diagram for this rifle I would sure like to get an electronic copy. The rifle seems to be complete except for the rear swivel which is missing. I am looking for one if anyone has a spare. Still need to remove the stock so I can inspect the trigger and play around with adjusting the trigger pull. I would be interestedf in hearing from others who own and shoot this old rimfire rifle.
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Rust. Pits. Shoot first after normal cleaning. If OK, stop.

If not OK, stiff new bronze brush, fine valve grinding paste, coat brush, long full all the way strokes, reverse out other end, polishes/laps away nearly anything. 22 bullets are so soft and hollow based, they fill the bore as polished just fine. Avoiding roughness that makes leading is the goal.

The only way to shoot front and rear aperture sights is at a round black target off a bench rest.
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