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more plastic component quesions

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to proceed with the questioning of the integrity of the plastic components of the Camper, I'll ask this question.

Is the firing pin housing of a Standard plastic as well? I am just curious, because it is in my camper model.

Is the front site of the Plus models (I believe these are the fiber-optic front sight models) plastic?

what else is plastic in the camper that is not plastic in other models. Thanks.

BTW I love the camper model aside from the plastic pieces, and they have yet to cause any problem so I am completely satisfied. I also like the length and roundness of the barrel, not the flat sides of the standard. I like the fiber-optic front sight too.
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My Camper was made in 2000. It has a plastic firing pin housing as I believe all Buckmarks of that era do. I'm pretty sure they still do. The plastic housing because it's contained in the slide is pretty well protected and has never given me any problems over several thousand rounds fired - I consider this intelligent use of plastic. The slide buffer is of course plastic and it will wear out in time, but it seems to have a long useful life. I can't speak for plastic on other models
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