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50 yards Outdoors
239-5x Ken Henderson Parish, New York (TangoTwo)
Suhl 150 Leupold 36x. Lapua Multimatch
Ultra Lilja barrel, McMillan stock. .7oz. trigger. Temp 38, steady
rain, wind calm to slight breeze. Just enough of a condition to put you out
in the 8 ring. Twice.
50 feet (indoors)
250-15x Todd Banks Salem New York (Renegade)
Ruger 10/22 Weaver V24 @ 24x Eley Tenex
GM 20" SS, Kidd Match trigger, bolt worked, homemade tuner, action bedded
The forced hot air heating system in the Salem indoor range creates a
swirling effect. One large duct on the left wall faces away from the
targets, and another on the right wall points towards the targets. I think I
can up the X count, if I get the range warm enough to shut down the furnace
for 20 minutes. Not easy to warm up the place when it's below zero outside!

247-3x Eric Brooks Oneonta New York (Brookie)
CZ 452 Special Weaver V-9 @ 9x Federal 510 (BAB)
Trigger tuned, my low-profle bases
250 is so close... Should be easy indoors...
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