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Mohawk 10-C Magazine Issues

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Help! Wife bought me a great 10-C, but the magazine drops free! Is this common?

The magazine appears to be like new and undamaged. near as I can tell the mag catch thumb button does not push fwd with enough force to engage the mag catch edge?

Is there a chance the magazine release spring is weakened with age or possibly was installed incorrectly? I doubt the latter as the gun is 99% and all screws look to be un-touched. Not a mark on the metal or stock.

Taking suggestions now... thanks in advance!
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If it is similar design to the 581 mag latch, you could just take it off and re-bend the spring a little.

However, I'm not sure what the procedure is to disassemble the rifle to get the little gadget loose for repair. On my bolt gun, it is straightforward, but on the 10C, it could be a lot more involved.

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