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Model B problems

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I have recently acquired two very nice Model B's. Both have S/N's arounf 60xxx. Both have problems feeding ... from the get go. After I chamber the first round that is it. Worse than a single shot as I have to clear it! Both are clean and adequately lubed. I have worked the mag lips some but to no avail. Seems that bolt is not recoiling far enough to pick up next in mag. I have tried several varieties of ammo. Pulling the bolts back by hand seems more difficult than it should be (to me) :(

I have a later Citation target model that functions flawlessly. I also played with a similar Model in Eastern Jungles and it was flawless.

Any input appreciated!
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Thanx, SGVictor, I will take a look. Yes, takedown is Type II. I have disassembled and know both pistols look the same inside slide. Both may be improper as both retracting rods are fully to the rear and fully visible.
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