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69A "match"

O.S.-The Lyman 17 Globe front was a factory option and the 57EW receiver sight was standard on the "match" rifle in the 69/69A series. (long after the demise of the 69 features and the ascension of the 69A, Winchester still referred to the model as a "69" (no "A") in advertising until the end of production in 1963.) However, according to Madis, (and from the appearance in many advertising circulars), "No rear sight seats were milled in barrels or receivers of the target and match rifles and these models were discontinued in 1954." The 1955 catalog shows a "69" (symbol #G6901R-for ordering) with a #97 bead front, #80 rear peep (both Win. products), a grooved receiver, and NO rear dovetail. The standard model "69" (symbol #G6902R) has a grooved receiver, the #75 bead front, and the #32 rear sight with elevator-obviously in a rear dovetail.

In 1961, the model 69(again, no "A") "Junior Target Shooter's Special" was introduced. This rifle had a blade front sight, the "Lyman 57 Receiver Sight" (no following letter), grooved receiver, a front forearm sling swivel (no rear) and-as shown in the picture at least-a rear sight dovetail with a blank inserted. Presumably, since this model was nothing more than the regular 69 with the previously delineated additions, regular production model 69's were used for this rifle; ergo, the rear dovetail. Symbol numbers were not used-at least in this catalog-for ordering, but oddly, I've seen the number on boxes of this era.

You can draw your own conclusions from these facts and opinions, but I'd question the originality and veracity of the gun you're considering as being a true 69(A) match rifle. -Asa
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