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Model 69a Match

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Im interested in a 69a match a fella has for sale. The question is, it has the front lyman globe, the rear lyman 57ew, swivel eyes, but it has a dovetail in the barrel with a blank and the letter "W" stamped on it. Is this factory original? I talked to owners who say they werent dovetailed by factory and some say they were...It is 96% finish and he wants $425.00. Is that to much? Thanks for your help as Ive about exhausted all my research. Also is there a book that shows all the variations of the 69?
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Over a period of many years, I've owned several ... One of which was fitted with a Lyman globe front and a Lyman rear micrometer sight ... I was always under the impression that Winchester would provide, within limitations, whatever sights the customer wanted ?

Are the sights original and "right" on the rifle you looked at ? Who knows ? The one thing I might mention to further confuse the issue is, I'd guess if the rifle was built prior to the mid 50's, theirs is a strong possibility that the sights a "right" ? ? ?

I had a similiar issue with a Remington 521T built in 1953 on which was Lyman sights front and rear, a configuration I'd never encountered ... Several RFC members had seen this and felt the sights were correct and encountered the same ... Since that time, I've seen several offered for sale on various auction sites ... Probably they are original, but who knows for sure ? Only the hourly employee @ Win. and Rem. who installed the sights during that period !
I have a 69A match and you have the correct sights. As for the other features you might haunt AuctionArms for other 69a Match guns for sale. Many times the photos are large and clear, save those for future reference. As for the price it sounds a bit high but the old Winchesters have gone up a lot in price the last three years. I paid $220 for my last one three years back but it was a regular 69A with a grooved receiver.
this is quoting a book by James West titled WINCHESTER FOR OVER A CENTURY---It is a 5 0r 6 volume series, these books have been out of print for quite some time--very expensive on the used book market. Figure 50-175 dollars per book. ANYWAY the book says the 69a match has #101 front sight and lyman 57E rear sight. Also it has one and one quarter inch rifle sling. I dont think it has a rear sight dovetail either. there is alot of variations out there in the 69a's. Just as said earlier winchester always tried to please the customer when it came to sighting options.
69A "match"

O.S.-The Lyman 17 Globe front was a factory option and the 57EW receiver sight was standard on the "match" rifle in the 69/69A series. (long after the demise of the 69 features and the ascension of the 69A, Winchester still referred to the model as a "69" (no "A") in advertising until the end of production in 1963.) However, according to Madis, (and from the appearance in many advertising circulars), "No rear sight seats were milled in barrels or receivers of the target and match rifles and these models were discontinued in 1954." The 1955 catalog shows a "69" (symbol #G6901R-for ordering) with a #97 bead front, #80 rear peep (both Win. products), a grooved receiver, and NO rear dovetail. The standard model "69" (symbol #G6902R) has a grooved receiver, the #75 bead front, and the #32 rear sight with elevator-obviously in a rear dovetail.

In 1961, the model 69(again, no "A") "Junior Target Shooter's Special" was introduced. This rifle had a blade front sight, the "Lyman 57 Receiver Sight" (no following letter), grooved receiver, a front forearm sling swivel (no rear) and-as shown in the picture at least-a rear sight dovetail with a blank inserted. Presumably, since this model was nothing more than the regular 69 with the previously delineated additions, regular production model 69's were used for this rifle; ergo, the rear dovetail. Symbol numbers were not used-at least in this catalog-for ordering, but oddly, I've seen the number on boxes of this era.

You can draw your own conclusions from these facts and opinions, but I'd question the originality and veracity of the gun you're considering as being a true 69(A) match rifle. -Asa
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So many Winchesters.....so many variations...I have 3 69As...what I have read is that it should have a blade front.....Lyman 57 rear..barrel marked .22 L Rifle, sling and no barrel blank. This is what one of the 3 I have has...then again I hear, and read that you could get what ever you wanted from Winchester....they would charge you extra NOT to mill the rear dove tail on some guns.." if disired for an additional cost, but no refund would be made for rear sights left off the gun".......go figure. A 69A Match just sold for $450.00 on GA and had all the so called correct markings I mentioned. Some day the real story will come out........Kevin
I have a Match with no rear dovetail and a 57EW rear micrometer sight. I believe even if there is a rear dovetail the gun is original. I know the EW is the correct rear micrometer sight but I have seen the Lyman E micrometer sight as being correct also. Since Winchester variations are endless it makes more sense to me to assume the various configurations are legitimate. Unless someone is looking for a huge premium for a rare variation there is no need to rasie issues. I would be more concerned with a good bore and a good bolt body as I know both can be big issues with the 69A. H.G.
I agree with ASA and HG....who cares....we have great rifles. One thing I have noticed on the "Match" for sake of a better term(blade front, 22L RIFLE barrel marking & sling) is that the 3 configured, that I have seen all are marked 57EW, no barrel blank or sight, and have the * on the left port???....others, one of mine included has a 57ES marking...and mine has a model 32 in the barrel dovetail.....I would love to find a correct barrel blank just to make it cleaner looking. Now that Deer season is over I hope to get my friend Eds 69/69A info into the thread, as he has several of each and will bring more insite to the growing list on the 69s........Kevin
Just curious. How is the barrel rollmarked? Does it include the word "Match" or is it just identified by the sights? Sounds like a very interesting variation and one I haven't seen. It's just a whole lot of fun discovering these old Winchesters. :) Thanks - Bob
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