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Model 64 Question

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A friend of mine told me the chamber of my Anschutz-Savage 64 is sloppy(cut too deep) because a match bullet falls all the way into the chmber. He says the bullet should hit the rifling and have to be seated by the bolt. Is his statement true? This gun shoots about .625 inch ctc groups @50yd with Eley Tenex and Federal 911. Is this good for this rifle?
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I have two Anschutz 64 Silhouette rifles & a friend has two 54 actioned rifles, a "Match 54" & a 1710. On all four of these, a .22 LR target round can be easily seated by hand completely in the chamber with no pressure. All four have delivered one-hole groups @ 50 yards. I'm not saying they will do it every time - the average groups probably run 1/2" or slightly less.
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