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Model 41 extractors

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A friend of mine is breaking extractors in his brand new model 41. Anyone else here experiencing the same?
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I bought my factory-new 41 back in December and had one broken extractor within a few months shooting about 200 rounds per week. I replaced the parts myself but, since then, my range time has focused on a different gun so the 41 is (temporarily) only seeing about 100 rounds per month.

I experimented with a wide range of ammunition in those first few months, much of it high velocity. Based on the performance results over all that ammo, I now shoot nothing but CCI Standard Velocity in the 41. The combination of gun and ammo operate 100% reliably and they hit the target much more accurately than I can. (It's worth adding that S&W recommends CCI Standard Velocity for that gun.)

If mine loses another extractor, I'll send it back to S&W with an appropriate report and let them ferret out the cause but, for now, I assume that my ammo experiments caused the early failure of the factory-installed extractor.
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