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Model 24 Value?

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I have an old model 24 that originaly belonged to the wife's grandfather. It was made in May of 1930, thank you gentleman for helping me date it. It's probably never had more than a few boxes of shells through it. I was the first to shoot it that anyone in the family can remember in over 50 years. So it's in nearly new condition. Two Odd things about it are the VERY fancy wood with extra wide (bevertail?) forend. The grandfather was the head of the stocking department at the factory until he retired in 1049 after 30+ years there. so that's understandable. The other is a factory saddle style scope mounting with a vintage Weaver 344 4X scope on it.
Are these worth much, I have no intention of parting with it even if I didn't like it. I'm just curious about it.
Thanks :)
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My ol guide lists the plain-jane version as being worth 'bout $400.
You've described something rather upgraded, and the book mentions Grades C Special, D Peerless, E Expert, aand F Premier!
I wouldn't know what pertcentages to add to give an accurate value.
Perhaps contacting Remington would help?
Take care,

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Thanks for the answer, I once went to the factory cause the in-laws only live 4 blocks away. They weren't sure what it was worth, the museum person I spoke to had never even seen one outside of the one he had hanging on the wall. The wife's uncle that I got it from once told me the stock was Rosewood. I have my doubts on that but it's so dark it's hard to tell, being fairly ignorant of wood types doesn't help any. It's got a faint reddish tint to it and weighs a lot more than you would think a little rifle like this should. I can onlt attribute that to the wood as there isn't any more metal in it than Brownings I have seen.
Maybe I'll take it back to the factory museum so they can check it out. If I'm ever there when it's open.
PS It's not a bad shooter but it'll never replace my 541S or modified stainless 10/22T for hunting or target shooting.

Again thanks for the reply
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