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Model 22A

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I just bought a Model 22A in the two-tone with the fluted 7 inch barrel. Can't wait to shoot it and maybe put a red dot on it.
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Also today

Very good, I picked up my 2 tone 22a today, well actually it is for my son. One item though. Be carefull when taking it apart, if it slips of the rail the slide will stick and you will have a hard time getting it back,this happened to him. Take your time and pull very hard. I like it though. I shot my friends for a couple of weeks and it is nice for an inexpensive pistol. ENJOY :t
I am very new to shooting and purchased a 22A last weekend. Being new, I wasn't aware that guns are so particular to ammo. Once I figured out what it liked, I have been very satisfied. I think it is a great value!
22A Ammo

:D I'm running std target grade ,(the cheap stuff /Win./Rem) no Hi vel and might hasn't burped or hicuped once, a real fun and accurate gun for the bux. :t ---Jim--
Shot OK

I took my son out to shoot his brand new out of the box 22a yesterday. It had a couple of hickups the first 2 clips until it smoothed out. No prob after that. Shot the 525 count box of federal on sale stuff. The pistol is a breeze to take down, clean, lube and back together. Try it before you have to. Enjoy it, my son does and he is 18. I think the 22 rifle is next because ammo is so cheap.
Federal ammo and the 22A--????

:eek: Previous post on Fed ammo and the 22A--- 07-12-2005, 09:54 PM
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22A barrel adjustment Q's


"Been a while since I posted on here. some of you might remember me as the guy that was very ticked at owning a 22A due to the jamming problems. Update: I sent it back 2x's and they fiddled with it, sent me a letter saying they don't recomend federal ammo for this gun. They recomended Winchester, CCI or remington. Picked me up a box of X22LR winny's and problem solved! no more jams!"----- :Blasting_
:D I never tried Federal stuff in mine ,but this was what was posted on its' use. ---Jim---
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Yup I remember

Your are correct. I purchased the ammo before read this and now use Remingtons, actually cheaper than the federal if purchsed at Wally World. The sighting system needs to be improved for this though, but all in all it shoots very well.
Eeek! Rick if those Remingtons work for you more power to you. If you notice a sleeve of lead building up in the barrel after 4-500 rounds and its dirtier than a cesspool try CCI or Winchester. They have made my gun cleaning less an ordeal and more a hoppe's induced meditative state! :D

Addict, thanks for the EEK it made me laugh :banghead3 . I am glad that my son cleans his own gun :D I am going in the morning and I will make a post on how the gun looks and what my son says about it. I am always looking for other ammo to shoot. :Blasting_--- I like these smiley things :yippee:
Drum roll please

I purchased a 50 count box of velocitors to shoot with the remingtons. In comparison with the federals and the remingtons.
Earlier this week around 250 rounds of the Federals- gun brand new---2 failures to shoot at the start.

Around 250 rounds of the Remingtons- 4 failures to shoot not bad either, gun not that dirty but dirtier than with the Federals

50 rounds of the CCI Velocitors------ 6 failure to shoots but a noticable power differance. I will email CCI about these !! :confused:

My son shot most of these and everytime he had a problem I checked it out also and I also shot some both times.

Yes the pistol was a S&W 22A-1. I like the pistol but have to find different ammo to try. The buffer is also a little deformed so I will ask S&W if this is normal after 600 rounds.

Well here it is like I experienced it

Enjoy :Blasting_
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