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I'm building an "ultimate" throw-in-the-trunk carbine.
I got a used barrel (also from a 75) for my Mod. 75C. because the old one has a ring in it that may be the cause of its poor accuracy.

Put the replacement barrel in the receiver and reassembled. Complications were that the new barrel has a 8-shot tube rather than the 13-shot on the old barrel. I had to cut some wood out of the forearm so the tube hanger would fit. Also had to cut down the inside brass tube because the new barrel did not come with one.

Here's the problem: When a bullet is fed into the chamber, led is shaved off the bottom of the bullet where it catches on the bottom of the chamber. At best the deformed round fires, but more often it jams or doesn't fire.

Too much pressure on the tube feeder spring wouldn't be a problem, would it? I guessed on how much spring to trim when I shortened the tube.

Everything else seems fine and this never happened with the old barrel. Any hypothesis appreciated.

BTW, the 8-shot tube is really unique. It only sticks about a 1/2" out of the forearm. It doesn't have a loading slot--you drop 'em down the end of it.
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