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I was being driven to distraction by my Mod 75C (Mod. 60 variant) refusing to feed, jamming and missfiring.

The bullets were being jammed into barrel at the bottom edge of the chamber, either hanging up with a big gash or shaving big chunks of lead. When the round did chamber, the chunks of lead usually prevented the bolt from completely closing and the firing pin often failed to detonate the primer.

I was looking at replacing the feeder throat, which required a feeder throat conversion kit, which would require a new bolt -- according to Numrich. ($$$ and even then, I wasn't sure if that would fix it.)

My "temporary-permanent?" fix:
I figured the old feed throat was worn. After prepping, I put a thin coating of JB Weld on the ramp in the feeder throat. I let it cure for several days then lightly lube with Elmer's Dry Slide.

I tested it today with about 20 mixed rounds copper-coated and lead (even blunt nosed Winchester X-Pert. Not one failure to feed, jam or misfire.

If it lasts between cleanings--I'd be willing to recoat with that "ol' gray magic," JB Weld, preriodically.

Let you know how long it lasts.
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