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Mod. 552--fair deal?

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Been looking for a 552 to go with my old 550-1. I came across a 1974 ('Y') standard model today.

Nice figure in the walnut stock, but no checkering and does NOT have the heavy finish coating of the new models. Standard dovetailed front sight (no ramp). Still has the shell deflector in place. Couple nicks in wood, no rust and good bluing on barrel. But the scope groove is a little beat up. $140.

I think that's a good price, am I missing something? (???).
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Was at the Gunshow last weekend, saw three 552's that were priced at $165-$185 and $220. $220 was a 90% BDL. Other 2 were older models both 85%. None with scopes, After looking for a year fell into a a 90% 552 non BDL for $109, had a nice scope, best price I have seen. See if you can dicker them down some but think these are a great .22 Semi-auto, you will love the way they shoot, cannot go wrong with a 552. Olypenn22
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