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MOA SS 10/22 receivers?

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Are these good quality receivers? I'm thinking about using one for my custom silhouette rifle and I wanted a receiver with front and rear lugs.
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See my response to the thread "MOA Receivers" which is a few spaces below this thread. I won't rehash everything there, but can say that I am now happy with mine. Since you specifically asked about the read lug let me point out a few things. First, the second screw will go into it a an angle, which can make fitting a rear pillar and screw escutcheon difficult. Second, make sure that the stock you are using will have enough room behind the trigger group and in front of the grip area to drill the hole. Because of that angle, you will have to drill it out further back than you would otherwise. It is a pain to pillar bed that second screw because the diameter of the pillar and the angle will leave very little room for error. For the Gatewood offhand stock I want to get, for example, I just don't think it is possible to get the thing right. I think that no matter what stock I get, I will do like everyone else and bed the first few inches of the barrel up to the balance point and forget about the second screw.
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