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 I have been meaning to post
this for some time,got way layed
by my 17HMR project.
A while back I was looking at a
VQ catalog,they do have some nice
guns,Hmmm already have a slab side why not dress er up.
 So starting with the basic pistol I set out to do some
The gun already shot as good as
I could hope for so I didnt
pland on doing anything in that
First I striped the gun down
and cleaned all parts with
Simple Green,rinsed in water and
dried with hair dryer.Then lubed
them with Break Free.Wipeing off
all excess lub.
 Now the parts list.
1) Ranch Products extended magazine release.
2)VQ Gripes
3)VQ extractor
4)Power Costom mount
5)Clark Trigger
6)VQ Compensator
7) Aimpoint 3000 with split
8 Put in a pretravel screw
through front of trigger guard.
9)Did a trigger job on it,
and got it set at 20oz.
10) Polished all contact points
lightly.Put a dab of MOLY on all
contact points.
This makes for a different
looking gun to be sure.Fun to
shoot too.
 My favorite target is a 6" swinging steel plate set
at about 65yds. On a good day
I can hit it 10 for 10 with
5 magazines.
 I have no idea what this gun
will group at 25yds or any other
distance for that matter.Havent
checked it. Most of the time I
shoot mini mags in it and sight
in off hand(start at 10yds)
if I change reddots.
 This is a fun gun,not very
usefull for much other than what
I use it for,but what the heck
you have to do something.
 Not really the ultimate,but its
a start.
 Well whatya think? Any ideas.

Goodluck & Goodshootin.

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 Yep,you looking good there
Ted,I got a lot of different
parts, like to switch them around
from time to time.Makes you think
you have a different gun.;D
 I noticed in the parts list
it says Clark trigger,maybe its
my eyes, but that sure looks
like a VQ to me.
I have both,maybe my trigger
finger but I like the feel of
the Clark better.
Also have a VQ extended bolt
release,but am not to happy with
it. Its a VQ ,buts seems to me
they could do better.Not as well
made as factory part.
 Got a PC bolt racker too,not
needed for anything,but it sure
makes em look tuff with all the
other stuff hanging off it.

Goodluck & Goodshootin.

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Kid 10/22

Here is the info. you wanted.

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Here It Is!

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Thanks Plinker...

I saw some of the pictures before, when I went back through the archives lookin for cool stuff to add... Do you recall where someone had a picture of a grip that was really big (as in diameter) at the base? I saw a picture of one, but then lost it...
One of these days, I'd like to start fixing up the slabsides, but for now, it sits in the safe unfired as there isn't a place to go to shoot it... I was going up into the hills, but the rangers kicked me out because there were too many folks up stealing xmas trees, and now there is probably too much snow... suppose I need to find another range, but they are kind of pricey...
Thanks again!

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Just start a thread and ask if anybody

knows were you can get a grip that you
are look'in for. I'm sure someone
will answer it.
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