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Mk IV Mainspring Housing Latch Assembly, am I out of luck?

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VQ upper, Ruger lower, VQ accurizing kit installed. Bought it this way from VQ. As I understand, Ruger will not sell this part by itself. I can't send the frame in with the OEM parts because I never had them. I'm sure not going to send the frame in with the VQ accurizing kit installed so they can take them away.

What do I do?
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Take out the VQ parts and send the frame in. Ruger may put their parts back in but at least you have a chance. I'd call them first. Good luck.

You could also try to get ahold of WirthweinGuns.com and see if he has the part you need.
As Az said, take out your parts and send it home. Ruger might charge you but you will have a spare!
If you bought it from volquartsen I would call them they have excellent customer service!
Ruger will make it RUGER again AND return your 'other' parts to you. They can then be reinstalled..
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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