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I traded for a 1967 MK I.

It's obviously been fired a LOT. It probably wouldn't hurt to give it an overhaul - some of the internal parts show wear, but functions fine and mechanically sound.

About 50-60% of original blue remains.

Any ideas about value?

I have a MK II , it's one of my favorites.

I'm guessing the factory model change was supposed to be an "improvement".

In your opinion, how does a MK I compare to the MK II? Better? Worse?


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Ruger MKI


Your 'new' 1967 MKI should be given a thorough cleaning, and lubed lightly. I doubt that "parts" will require replacement, seeing you say it functions fine.....! ! :)

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it." :D

The 'model change' in 1982 that introduced the MKII gave us:
0 10 round magazine capacity.*
0 Bolt hold open after last shot.**
0 Bolt maybe cycled with SAFETY "on" or "off".
0 Scalloped sides on rear of receiver.

* You can convert MKII 10 round magazines to work in 'most' MKI pistols by moving the follower botton to the opposite side of the MKII magazine......! ! ;)

** By installing a specially made follower, you can give your self a type of "hold open" feature....! ! ;)

Making a MKI "Hold Open" Follower:

Ruger MarkII & 22/45 Forum:

The MKI compares almost equally to the MKII regarding function and accuracy, except for the points noted, and two of those are correctable.....! ! :)

A MKI [Target] in about 60% condition should be worth about $120. to $130.. IF it is the "Standard Model", about $80.

Hope this helps...! ! :)

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Strider - Welcome to RFC

BigMike has given some good advice as always.

I have a MKI that shoots great.It has a lot of wear on it ,but that's not a bad thing for an auto pistol.

I figure it's just slick'in its self
up,shoots better all the time.

Just keep it clean and it will last
a long long time.
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