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Mitchell High Standard Citation?

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Saw CDNN has Mitchell High Standard Stainless Citation for $300 and Trouphy for a bit more, I know it is not up to the same standard as the original HS or even the new Huston made, but I just wonder for this price is it worth it or better off get a Rugers MK2 or 22/45 or Browning Buckmark? Thanks.
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My Mitchell Arms/HS is one of my favorite and most accurate shooters (after my S&W Model 41 and Mitchell/HS Victor).

I called CDNN to buy one of the Trophy's the day they released the catalog. In fine CDNN tradition the conversation went like this:

Me: I'd like to know if the Mitchell/HS Troophy's in the catalog actually exist.
CDNN: What do you mean?
Me: Do you actually have them?
CDNN: Absolutely. Let me check on how many...Oh, wait. We just sold the last one.

They are infamous for advertising stuff they can't actually deliver.
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