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Minor pistol problem...

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Hello everyone!

I have a model P22 (5" bbl) and I probably put more than 3000 rounds though it. Soon after the 2000 round mark, I begun noticing that the slide action will not stay opened after the last shot. Now, the situation had worsened that it never stays opened after the last shot. The part that suposed to hold the pistol opened at the last shot seems to be touchy that the pistol slams shut when you isert the magazine in. Any help, or suggestions on what should I do? Thanks.

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Minor Pistol Problem, Solution


I've experienced the same problem where the slide hold-open,
fails to function and have determined excess lube to be the culprit. The solution is to strip the pistol and flush out reciever
with Electrical Contact Cleaner(inexpensive) and then lightly
relube. The contact cleaner will not damage the polymer reciever!

Carl in PA

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I encountered the same issue a while back.

I solved it by removing the slide and tightening the stove bolt, the head of which is located at the right-hand-side of the frame.

I noticed that when it was slightly tight, the slide remained open after the last shot. When loose, it didn't.

When the stove bolt (actually a cross-screw) got loose (it happened after some 200 rounds), the slide slammed shut at the end of a clip, always.

To keep the stove bolt from getting loose again, I used a tiny amount of blue Loctite on the threads (at the opposite end of the screw), and tightened it lightly with a screwdriver.

Don't over do it, i.e. don't overtighten the stove bolt. Try various tightening degrees and see which works best in your P22.

When I overtightened mine it left the slide slam. Then, when I found the optimal (read: light), fit, it helped keep the slide open.

My P22 was made in Germany and I do not know if my experience with the cross bolt applies to the S&W P22s.

BTW, I use the following dry lube on my P22 and I highly recommend it:

Teflon Spray TF089, made by CFS Products P.O. Box 160, 4460 AD Goes (Holland) Tel. 0113-235700.

When unburned gunpowder gets stuck in various parts of the P22, lwhen ubed with the TF089, I remove it by using compressed air from a can, the sort that removes dust from PC keyboards and photo equipment. It comes right off. So, with just two spray cans at hand the P22 stays clean, ready for business.

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