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Millvale Sportsmens Club Winter League Scores February 13, 2016

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It is something of and understatement to say conditions were very difficult today.
The ambient air temperature was six (6) degrees Fahrenheit this morning when we started. With intermittent wind gusts of 17 - 20 miles per hour, the wind chill was -15.

We had six shooters total, but only four score cards were turned in.
Here are the scores from today's contest:

Carol Fortney -- 268-0X

Al Vaina, Jr. -- 242-1X

Bill Walls -- 225-0X

Frank Trputec -- 109 (DNF)

Congratulations to Carol Fortney, today's Match Winner!

I'd like to thank Kim and Leonard Bowers and their friend Luke for the extra effort in clearing the range of snow this morning.

Today was easily the most frigid day we've ever had for our Winter League and probably the coldest rifle match shooting day anyone can remember.
If you showed up today, you can count yourself as pretty darn tough.

Feel free to Lord it over everybody else.

We shoot again next Saturday February 23, 2016. Early weather predictions indicate much milder conditions.

See you next week!

Mike Brenner
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