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This morning our Florida team captain relayed this to me from Mike Manges.

I'm sorry, March was a bad month for us.....Seems like every time we got a chance to shoot, then it would rain us out. As you know, my wife took my CZ American, so I had to buy me another one. I bought a new American and then I found a used American, which I also bought. That meant two more scopes Blah, blah, blah. Anyway, I finally got the scopes mounted and Sighted them in at 17 yards last Friday. I had ordered Some Eley from Bob Collins, which he put together several Lot numbers for us to try. We got all ready for this last weekend, only to get rained out again.

I had to just make time today. Got sighted in at 50 yards the best I could, considering the wind was terrible. I don't know how fast it was gusting, but mature Oak trees were swaying back and forth, and It would bend the shaft on my wind mill.....I tried to shoot between the gust.....but you know how that goes. Although I didn't set the world on fire, I think my new American might have some potential.
Oil Well, I'm sorry for rambling.....
Here's my Score for March
"Keep 'em Razor Sharp"
Outdoor at 50 yards
217-1x Mike Manges. Middleburg, Florida. (MangesMade)
CZ 452 American. Sightron 6-24 x 42. Eley Match EPS
BOX STOCK: Except for a lighter trigger spring. Only around 100 rounds through it so far. Very Windy and Yup, it was cold again, supposed to get into the 30's tonight. Oil Well, Wouldn't have been such a bad score, had it not been for several 7's and a 6.
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