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Meistergrade Stock-Picture/Link...

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Heres a link to a NIB-New in Box, Anschutz currently for sale at Guns America. You will note that there is a ton of fiddle back and tiger striping. This one is for sale at around $1500. I doubt this is the only lucky customer to get a stock that looked like this....unless it was a fluke they sent this one out the door.

Stocks can vary in quality for any manufacturer. My brothers Cooper all have the stock up grade and my fathers doesn't. Plus my bro rubs in a couple more coats of Deft (Cooper uses) to bring out the grain. My fathers is nice, but doesn't hold a candle.

OK, check out the stock on this Meistergrade.

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Peter, Some suggestions...

talk to different dealers and have them either describe the stock or send e-mail pictures before buying one. There are plenty of beautiful Anschutzes as evidenced by the photos. You just have to find a nice one.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to steer you from a Cooper, just explain that Meistergrade was probably a mistake and there are beautiful Annies.

My brothers .22 LR Cooper did shoot pretty good the day we had them side by side. He was still trying to find the right ammo and breaking it in.
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