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I've never owned a scope with an AO and I'm not really sure what it does for you. I think it allows you to focus the scope at different ranges, is this true?
Regarding AO's [Adjustable Objectives], read my Post entitled "Focus" in the thread entitled "parallax adjustment" in this Forum.

Also read "Sticky: Setting-Up a New Scope" at the top of this Forum. It discusses using an AO scope for hunting.

My question is, will the fine duplex be much harder to see in low light as opposed to the medium.
The 'fine duplex' is for target shooting under bright light conditions. You will lose it in dim light conditions, especially if in brush or grassy areas....! ! :(

Power of a scope is driven by the size [detail] of the target, and not the range. You can hunt elk with a 4X scope at 500 yards; you would be hard pressed to even 'see' a PD at that distance with a 4X....! ! :eek:

Hope this helps....! ! :)
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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