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mdl 60 hammer change ??

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yea guys, need to change the hammer on the ole' 60 and am trying to drive out the pin. seems like it does NOT come out. do i have to dis-assemble the whole thing, like, take apart the side plates ??

that's okay, guys, figured it out. took some close-up pics cause will be a few days till the new hammer gets here and have an old memory. huh? what ? lol.

thanks all.

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actually was pretty easy. just put it back together for practice. will be doing it again
in a few days. only one spring partially comes off, the rest stays intact. lol, lost one of those itty-bitty "C" clips, but can get them at ACE-IS-DA-PLACE.

yea, i removed the hammer spring first, then the four c-clips and removed the right rail. i used masking tape to hold the "feed throat" in place; that is where a couple of springs hang onto. good time to give it a good cleaning.

hope this helps.

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