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McMillan Br50 stocks

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Do they make this stock for the 10/22mag? I looked on their web site & I did not see it listed , perhaps someone could tell me who has the best price on this stock or a Laminated one similar. Thanks:t
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Yes they do make it for the 22WMR. As a matter of fact I plan on ordering one (FINALLY) tomorrow! I seriously doubt you will find a private dealer offering it. As for an UNFINISHED laminate, you need to check out Richards Micro-Fit. If theres anything else I can tell ya just ask.
Price on the McMillan, Where did ya purchase it? & will they paint it?
Price is $393 (OUCH!!!) direct from McMillan. They can pretty much do anything you want as far as color -solid, camoflauge, marble design, flame design. Have you checked out their website www.mcmfamily.com ??? You might be able to find someone to order it through I don't know.....I wanted a custom flame pattern on mine.
You are going to post pictures of the finished product, right?
Absolutely. They said 12 wks but everyone on here says around 14-16wks. I think I am going to have to go whole hog on this one with a snake fluted barrel and Weaver V-24 on top. Any donations?

Good luck with McMillan....

When I got my BumbleBee stock done by them, on my Volquartsen, it took 20 weeks.

No kidding. :(

I sure hope it takes less time for yours!!!!

I can't wait to see it! :D
See.......now you are going to go and jinx me Viper!:D Actually I'm not in that big of a hurry as I have a Ruger hummer ordered and need a scope for it and one for the Magnum and a barrel for the Magnum. I don't know how I am going to afford all of this!:confused:

If you keep posting pics like that, we'll have to raffle off one of your rifles!!! :D

Beautiful rifles, all of them!

I like the ice picture the best, though! That white/black stock is gorgeous!

Pinball sez,
Chief,you hurting my feelings.All those toys and you never invite me over to play with them.:(
But they are very nice.Thanks for sharing pics.
Hey! Ain't that a muskrat air bubble in the ice pic just above the scope?
Chief Says , I thought the same thing . Now must figure

"how" launch bassboat on frozen lake ?
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