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PLINKER Class: 25 yards - Score Range: 200-219
219-1x Neal McEldowney, Olathe KS.
CZ 452 Varmit. Tasco 10-40X. Remington/Eley Club Extra.
Brookie trigger spring.
Neal is Team Captain David McEldowney's son.

218 0-x Lee Arten (Dad Of ) Laurium, Michigan
Remington 541T-HB. Tasco 4-16 @ 16X. Wolf Match Target
They finally put the 25 yard target board up at our club, so we're going to ease into this year's matches with some 25 yard shooting. The wind was coming right off of Lake Superior which is one mile away from the range. It was from the targets to the benches. I had to hold almost on the right edge of the target to hit anywhere near center. The wind was strong but consistent. I'd never had that happen exactly that way before. Ethan said he held center as usual, go figure. (Lee is Ethan Arten's father)

215 1x David McEldowney. Olathe, Kansas. (BigMac)
Browning Buckmark PISTOL. Simmons 2x7 pistol scope, Eley Trainer.
VQ THM Carbon Fiber Barrel.
David is the Kansas team captain. He sez:"Nobody else got to shoot a 25 yard target this month because the board of directors at the range decided to screw with me and not allow shooting 25 yards at the only ranges with proper bench rests." Referringto Joe Wilson (JoeChichild), he said: "Darn it Joe, It ain't nice to out shoot me with my own gun!"

204-0x Mike Burley. North Tonawanda, New York
Ruger 10/22T. Bushnell Sportview @ 12X. Aquila SE
75 degrees, sunny, wind 10 mph
This is Mikie's first time shooting a USBR target.

200-0x Jim Ley. Menomonie, Wisconsin.
Marlin 880SQ. Simmons ProHunter 2-7x. Win. PowerPoint.
Trigger job and Harris bipod.
PLINKER Class: 50 yards - Score Range: 180-199
199-2x Adam Tibbs. Kansas City, Missouri. (Age 17)
Ruger 10/22. Simmons 6.5x20. Wolf MT.
WFM barrel, Kidd trigger.
This game is especially tough at 50 yards. Even when it seems there is no wind I can't seem to get above 210 or so. I'm going to try and rig up something to read the wind for next month.

193-1x Paul Johnson. Tuscaloosa, Alabama (Knitepoet)
CZ452 Ultra Lux, Tasco 4-16x50 @ 16X. CCI Blazer (BAB)
Stock rifle.

191-0x Jim Ley. Menomonie, Wisconsin.
Marlin 880SQ. Simmons ProHunter 2-7x. Win. PowerPoint.
Trigger job and Harris bipod.

189-0x Roger Cain. Chillicothe, Missouri
Marlin 7000T. Simmons scope. Eley match xtra plus.

188-0x Nolan Miller Chillicothe Mo. {45-70-10-22}
Ruger 10/22. BSA 6x24. Winchester T22 Target.
Midway match barrel. Fajen thumbhole sil stock.
A fellow has to leave room for improvement. But maybe not this much room!

186-0x Lee-Anne van Meurs. Bannockburn, Victoria. Australia
Walther. Lynx 6-24. RWS R50
Custom laminate stock, Maddco barrel, gunsmithing by Procal.

185-0x Daniel Sccnini. Melbourne, Victoria. Australia
Bruno CZ. 4-12??? Winchester Xpert Premium.
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