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Mating a Vq.Carbon, Thread adaptor with Sup.Can ?

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I just Purchased a .22 cal. Phoenix Armory, Suppressor
I want to mount it to a Vq. Carbon tension Barrel with a 10/22 platform.
Vq. offers a Threaded Muzzle adaptor ( for muzzle comp. ) with a 1/2 x 28 thread.
Has Anyone out there put a Suppressor can on a Vq. thread adaptor Before ?????
Any Problems / Thread & Shoulders of the muzzle - Or the Grade of the Thread. Matching the Grade of thread on the Suppressor-Can. - The 1/2 X 28 is OK . ???

Any problems with them Mating together in Quality ?
Being they are coming from to different shops / With 2 Different Machinists ???
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when i got my can i sent my VQ barrel to AWC so they could make the can fit the barrel.its a 13/16th x 20 thread.its does not take them long.mime works great.i did mine that way so it was nothing to lose and one less thing to worry about.but if you go that way the suppressor company will want to make it or it could void a warranty....adam
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