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Match Ammo

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Been having pretty good luck shooting Wolf Match Extra in my Savage Mark II. Just found out the supply has dried up in this area and the dealer I use hasn't been able to find out why. Anybody on this web heard anything?
That said, what would be a good subsitute for the Wolf? I know that trying them all is the only way to go but a starting point with some quality mfgs. would help a lot. The last brick of Wolf Extra I bought was around $75.00 dollars plus tax. There is a lot more expensive ammo out there but I would like to keep it in that price range if possible. Thanks for any info.
Dan R.
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I recommend Federal's "AM22" Auto Match.

They come in a box of 325 rounds and are around .04 cents per round.

Go to www.championshooters.com . Click on their "Online Store." They have your Wolf Match Extra in stock for $7 a box of 50 plus shipping.
Check out Midway USA. They are having a sale on Wolf MT and ME
SK Rifle Match is the same ammo...

SK Rifle Match is the same ammo, and Champion Shooter's Supply is the place to go. Last time I looked they had both in stock. It is about all I buy now.
Champions Choice is another good source for ammo. As stated, SK Rifle Match is Wolf ME.
I would agree with TAP& ROCK, The Federal Auto Match works real well for me. At Wal-Mart $15.00 a box of 325.
Thanks for all the info on match ammo. I've tried Auto-Match in the past and it is good shooting ammo., but not quite up to the accuracy I get from the Wolf Extra. I ordered two bricks of the Wolf from Championship Shooters and it should be here in a couple days. Sixteen bucks shipping is kind of ridiculous but what can you do? Sure glad Wolf shoots as nice as it does because the price shoots up pretty fast for the next tier of match ammo. Just how much better is the real pricey ammo?
Thanks a lot for all the help. Definitely the web to use for anything rimfire related.
Dan R.
Just as a suggestion, when your Ammo arrived, check and see if both bricks have the same lot number. If not, do not mix the lots. Also if they are of two different lot numbers, test fire some (30 rds would do from each) from each lot and see if there is a difference in the performance between the lots. Rimfire rifles are very senstiive even to good Match ammo and there CAN be a difference in performance etween lots. As my luck would have it, I ordered some six bricks of Lapua Rimfire Midas+ and ended up with two different lots numbers. The result was one lot shot very well and the other not nearly as well. Just something to be aware of.
Lot # definitely matters with rimfire ammo. Eley did a study a while back and found something like 300 variables that influence ammo accuracy. The Tenex machines are all climate-controlled, etc.
Thanks for the heads up on lot numbers. I'll be sure to compare and make sure they're the same. There's enough things that can go wrong when trying to hit eggs at 100 yds on a windy day without your ammo. blind sideing you. Thanks again for all the help.
Dan R.
Egg shoots where ?

We have a few clubs on Cape Cod and the area which hold these shoots. I think they are great. Even have had a course of fire at 50 yards with iron sights. Where do you have your shoots ?
I belong to the Holton Gun and Bow club at Holton Michigan. We've got I believe forty benches where we hold our serious shoots out to 200 yds. When we hold tha NBSA shoots it's like a small city. Shooters come from all over and the crew we've got that run the shoots been doing it long enough that it's run in a real smooth professional manner. Nice group of people.
Our egg shoots are held on Wed. and is made up mostly of retirees. We shoot against the Twin Lakes Club and the Fox Lake Club. I'm like you. Never new busting eggs could be so much fun. Thanks for the interest.
Dan R.
Rimfire eggs at 200 yards ?

Hi, Dartmouth has centerfire eggs at 200 and 300 yards, but the rimfire is at 100 yards. Dartmouth allows any rimfire but only up to 9x scopes. MBSC is also at 100 yards and limits to .22 Long Rifle only, but any power scope. All matches are fun. The big problem with the iron sight at 50 yards is lack of contrast between the eggs and background. We got to spray paint them to help out old eyes. Small lollypops are used as tie breakers. I guess aspirin after that.
We have the 200 yd. egg shoots for the center fires also. Sometimes golf balls. Couple different catagories of rifles from hunter style to light and heavy bench rest. Haven't tried that yet.
We allow .17 cal. in our shoots at Holton but the other two clubs are strictly .22 cal rimfire at 100 yds. Unlimited power on the scopes, and it's not always the highpower that wins. As to tie breakers we've used different methods. Windy days pretty much take care of themselves. One of the popular ones is paint balls and then maybe aspirin tablets as you suggest. One of the most interesting ones is when you have a nice clear day with no wind and multiple shooters that cleaned all the targets. All the names are put in the hat and everybody draws a name and that's the rifle you shoot in the shoot off. Some of the triggers are so light they can catch you off guard. Makes for a little different experience. Lot of fun. Catch you later.
Dan R.
I have good luck with the Aquila golden eagle match . Its a little cheaper than the Wolf.
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