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Marlin short mags

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I was hoping to post this in the Tips & Tricks forum, but it won't let me, could someone please direct a copy of this post to that forum. This is how I did it.

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Tools: Dremel with cut-off disk and grinding wheel, pliers, vise to hold mag while working.

Don't cut off too much, far easier to cut it twice than to have to go back to Wally World and buy another mag because you cut the first one too short. ...and, you don't have to listen to wife say I told you so.

Slide the bottom of the mag off with pliers.

Remove the spring and follower.

Put the mag in the gun and mark the cut line with tape (approx 1/32" below bottom of guide lips on mag). The line should be parallel to the guns stock line, cut line is NOT perpendicular to mag edges (Angle A < 90 deg). It will extend approx 1/16" below the stock. Notice tabs, cut only on solid line, tabs will be bent out at the dotted line. The tabs should be about another 1/16-1/8".

Cut 1 coil from mag spring.

Cut front and back of mag follower (about 1/2 the length). You can skip this step but the mag will only hold 3 or 4 rounds.

Bend tabs away from mag and slide the bottom back on. May have to grind a bit off the tabs to get bottom to fit on.

Crimp bottom of mag on the tabs with pliers (so that it doesn't slide off).

Mine works better than the factory original which doesn't always feed properly. Push the button and it will drop out, the factory original doesn't do that either.

I know it's not written that well, BUT, this is way, way to easy to put more time into. If you don't follow or understand, then you ought to have someone make one for you :D.

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I tried it yeasterday and came out w a nice 5 rnd mag . FWIW, Cutting the tabs had me scratching my head so I just cut straight accross w a hacksaw but about 1/8" farther down. I then put the mag upside down in a vice and used the edge of a file to take away the material around where the tabs are. Had a set of 4 matching tabs in just a few min. Got 2 more to do now.
Yeah, I can see that it might be a problem with a saw. I used the dremel, so it was quick and easy.

Thought I would give this one another run at the top. I will be using it.
Nudge Nudge.....
Beautiful description and pics!

Many thanks!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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