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marlin 917vs synthetic stock?

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Does anyone know where to get synthetic stocks for the 917vs? Does the synthetic stock on the marlin store website fit the 917vs?
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I'd think the stock would work, but I'm not positive since they list them for the sporter barreled rifles and not the heavier barreled ones. Could be trimmed/fitted if necessary.

Rather than order what's on the web site , call Marlin and see if you cannot order a stock for the 982VS. Unlike it's .17 cal brother with the laminate stock, the 982VS uses a synthetic stock and your 17vs would drop in.

Might be able to use a 880SQ stock as well. My spare synthetic 880SQ stock looks like even the new T-900 trigger would drop into it. If you could find an 880SQ or 980V stock locally, you'd only have to swap out the magazine well plate.
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