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Marlin 917 ?

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Hi, I finally got my Marlin 917vsf, Have ? about trigger, rifle has new 900 series trigger. is this trigger better than what they use to come with, i am going with the idea of putting a rifle basics on it.Put a old Tasco 6x24x44 target scope on it(Jap.made) after sighting in got .391 group and .402 group at 100yards from the bench.( I am going to put a Burris 6.5x20x50 and BLK 257-AS RINGS) I have only 4 clicks left for height adj. on the Tasco, talked to Eric from BLK, he said he will make a set of risers for me but i don't think i will need them with the Burris scope. Back to my orig. ?, is the Rifle Basics trigger the way to go. Also how can i post pic. on the site any info will help.
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Oooh...man..you're going to love this gun.
I had a rifle basix trigger in my old savage; it made a big difference....however, with my 917....I just replaced the trigger spring with a mechanical pencil spring and did some work removing burrs from the t-900 trigger pack (which, yes, is much easier to work on than the older packs, in my limited experience)...and it seems to be working incredibly fine. I'm not sure I would WANT to reduce the trigger pull any more than I already have by doing this; it's enough so that the rifle won't discharge if dropped on end while cocked, but I don't want to go any lower than that.
In my opinion.....with that result having been gained from the mechanical pencil spring trick...I don't see the need for a rifle basix sear YET. Of course, my pocketbook is a big factor on that one.
Who knows, you might like it....to me, it all depends on just how much money you want to put into it.
I have absolutely no idea how to post a picture, and had a similar question but was far too sheepish to ask.
Sounds like you got some really nice groups there, these rifles are great!
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