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Marlin .17 clip modification

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Could someone please explain to me how to shorten the clip on the Marlin .17. Do you have to shorten the spring also? Thanks in advance.
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Go to the Marlin thread and look for a thread called Marlin 17VS. It was on the second page when I posted this reply. It will fully explain how to shorten your magazines.
thanks for the help

I think you did a great job explaining it. Thanks for the help.
I didn't write the procedure, but just told you where to find the information. Anyway your welcome.
All you mod. folks, please send me the cutoffs, plase! You want a lowcapacity mag, i want to shoot like the Henry (rimfire, so it's ok to mention!) Load on monday and shoot 'til sunday. A 30+ mag would be cool. Just kiddin'.

Really i don't want a highcapacity mag. It would be much to expencive to shoot. At $2.5 a magfull, i'm glad for the time spent reloading. At 30 rnds it'll be @ $11 a time. :D :D :D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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