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  • Beware of Scammers! Does it sound too good to be true? New user has just what you were looking for? Don't get scammed! When in doubt, use escrow.
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Nearly all transactions on our Trading Post go well. BUT we have had several scammers who have taken advantage of some of our members.

If you use the Trading Post, you MUST do so with awareness. If you do not know the other party or they do not have a good track record with transactions on RFC — whether buying, selling, or trading — proceed with caution.

Get their address, phone number, and Email address. If you are buying or selling, it is highly recommended that you use or request a secure method — a USPS Money Order or a certified check.

Yes, it will take more time, but it substantially reduces the risk of being scammed. Most scammers will bow out — too much trouble, or risk of a Federal felony. There are no guarantees when dealing with strangers at arm’s length.

If you don’t know the other party, proceed with caution.
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