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Mark III Speed Loader???

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Hoping to get a recommendation on a inexpensive yet reliable speed loader for my Ruger Mark III. Is "inexpensive yet reliable" an oxymoron or does such a speed loader exist??

Any recommendations will be appreciated!!
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Only problem with loaders that lock the follower down is that you must be careful feeding rds into the mag. One may fall more upright than it should and it will interfere with loading the rest of the mag correctly. I am still a proponent of the very simple and inexpensive loading aids from 22Loaderz.com. You can also find them on Ebay. For certain firearms, you get 2 for less than $10.00. Have them, use them regularly, love them. YMMV

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I'm another McFadden fan. I have 3; one for each of my Marks and they stay in the shooting bags so that I don't forget them before a match. It is especially nice when topping off mags during Steel Challenge Matches.

One thing; I go through a lot more ammo during practice sessions. That's not a problem...I load 5 mags at a time when practicing, just like during a match.
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