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Some say their Rugers loosen up over time and become easier to assemble and disassemble. I shot my MK II for Bullseye twice a week for several years and took it apart to clean once a week. I have to beat it with a plastic mallet every time. I put witness marks on the receiver and frame, but it is still a challenge.

A friend recently bought a .22/45 target MK III. He took it apart to clean it before taking it out to the range. We absolutely could not get it back together. He finally did some dremel work on it (not really recommended) so he could get it back together.

Ruger makes a really nice pistol. All they need is a little trigger work to be an excellent Bullseye gun. If only they were easier to maintain. It would appear that the magazine safety made an already difficult job more so.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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