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This forum is for Mark IIIs only, not 22/45s, but the principles are the same I believe.

With my Mark III Target, I have never used a VQ hammer, but have achieved a very short and smooth approximately 2-3lb trigger pull by using only the VQ adjustable trigger and VQ sear. The results amazed me. From what I have read on this site the hammer makes a pretty negligible difference.

To disconnect the mag safety (which I believe improved my trigger feel a bit too) all that you need is a hammer bushing from Sam Lam - or there are others who make it such as Clark, VQ but I have only used Sam's and recommend it 100% for the small outlay of $10 or so.

You just remove the factory bushing, mag disconnect lever and spring and put in the new Sam Lam bushing and job done. You can easily do it at the same time you replace the trigger and sear.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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