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Making your own SILENT pellet/BB trap

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40 years ago I lived in a big ****ty and belonged to a pistol club to shoot anything I'd travel several miles in gruesome traffic, so I decided to shoot at home in the garage got me a couple airguns a rifle and I already had the pistol. i tried the cardboard box with carpet strips but it was not ideal.
I decided to build a genuine silent pellet trap. I built a box out of pine 12x12 x 10 inches deep the back of the box
is open and I placed a thick piece of plywood that was held with 4 screws so That I could get in the box to empty it
The front is also open to accommodate a regular clipboard. I carefully cut the clipboard to make an opening all the way round to be able to use card stock for targets, the clip holds the targets
for targets,. Went to a local electrical supply store and bought 12 pounds of Duct Seal,
( it's the putty that electricians use to seal big openings when they run conduit) At home I stuffed the DS into the box
to make about 4 inches thick it covered the entire inside of the box. I framed the front of the box with 1x4s to contain any pellets or BBs that bounced of the seal and drop in the bottom of the box, after gazillion pellets a few bounce on the ones in the seal. i have built several over the years always improving latest has a channel to insert the clipboard.
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I use a 5 gallon pail with lid, from Lowes or Home Depot. I cut a 9" diameter circle out of the top of the lid. Next, I
temporarily put the lid on the bucket and marked 3 spots, equally spaced, along the lid, and then corresponding spots on the bucket close to the lid. I then filled the bucket with rubber mulch and covered the mulch with a few layers of cardboard. All that remains is to put the lid on and secure it with 3 zip ties. Put the bucket on its side and tape your target on the cardboard. This quite easily contains .22 pellets shot from a nitro piston rifle on my 30' basement range. When cardboard needs changed it's easy to work rectangular pieces on top of what's already there, under the approximate 1 1/2" lip all around the lid.
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I use a box and the rubber mulch, it is quiet and I think more inexpensive over the duct seal, last I checked that stuff was a bit spendy.

I use a big computer box and it works just perfect. Starts to get shot up this is when duct tape is perfect.

Down side that thing will get HEAVY.
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