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Magnum vs. Long Rifle Bolt Dimensions?

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:) Having never personally handled a 10/22 Magnum, I'm wondering if someone can tell me the difference in physical size between the Long Rifle version, and the Mag version of the 10/22 bolt? I'm particularly interested in length, and position of extractor's. I'm putting the finishing touches on a newly designed tool for a LR 10/22 bolt assembly and extractor tool, and I'd like to make it do double duty for Mags as well, if possible. Any help will be most appreciated, especially a picture. Safe Shootin! Joe :cool:
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Let me take a few pics and post 'em or I can e-mail them to ya directly.

I'll take some side-by-side comparison pics.
D*mn, new fangled camera's!

Almost as bad as 'puters!

I took a few pics and I gotta work on the "Macro-Mode" pic taking. The focusing and lighting is a little tricky.

The only difference, between the two bolts is the length and the bolt-faces rim recess. The extractor slot location is the same...ya can use the same extractor in the Magnum or LR.
Another bad pic.....

I'll repost the pics when I get some good shots.
Thanks ski!

:) ski, this is the second try at thanking you! First time, the puter ate my reply!

Your pictures are just fine; told me exactly what I need in order to ask one more favor!

Could you Accurately measure the mag bolt from the rear of the extractor slot, to the round, inside edge of the "Bolt Buffer Slot" ?

I can make the tool do double duty for Mag and LR extractors with that dimension. Same tool is made to also ease reassembly of the bolt by compressing bolt handle/recoil spring and holding it in place while the bolt is reinserted.

LR prototype works very well. If you can measure that puppy, send me the dimension via [email protected] , and I'll send you a completed tool to critique, if you send your address. Thanks a bunch! Safe Shootin! Joe :cool:

Ooops, I just saw this thread.
I posted the overall length of both bolts in the Community forum. And having both of my bolts out of my rifles, I measured from the rear of the extractor slot to the inside edge of the bolt buffer clearance.

LR 2.5135

MAG 2.876

Overall Lengths are:

LR 3.405

MAG 3.756

Good Luck, I would like to see the design for the extractor tool.
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Close enough for Gov't. work!

I gotta get a better lighting system, for these "close-ups"!

My measurement was just a tad different == 2.868"

Not enough of a difference to throw you off, I don't think.

:) Thanks ski and G-Man for your help. Anybody have a picture of the new style, 2 extractor bolt? I don't think my proposed tool will work for the two extractor model. Thanks again. Safe Shootin! Joe :D

I'd like to see a pic of that "two-extractor" bolt, too!


Don't be shy.....ya gotta be a better photographer than me!

Photographer . . . I'm not, but here we go.
Shoot, I couldn't figure out how to attach multiple images on one reply, so . . . .
Just thought I would mention, I have not had the chance to shoot it yet (been rainin'):(
G-Man!! Great pics!!

I gotta ask....what are you using for lighting? Natural sunlight?

Back to the subject of extractors. Is that the "tang" of the extractor sticking out of the bottom of the bolt?

I'm still "mystified" on how two opposing extractors work in a "side port ejection" action.

I know, I know...they say that the extractor isn't even needed for "ejection", but..... I think otherwise.
I take the pictures in the kitchen. It is the brightest room in our house. I use the cutting board to cut down on the glare/reflection and I used a flash. The setting I used was for taking pictures of flowers, I don't know what it's called but it is for real close up pics.

Oh and I took about 15 pics, these are the best of the bunch.

That's it.

Yes that is the "tang" of the extractor showing through, I thought you might be interested in seeing that. I was surprised too.
I know, I know...they say that the extractor isn't even needed for "ejection", but..... I think otherwise.
its true!! When showing a friend the error in his ways of not cleaning his 10/22 for the last 15 years, I managed to lose his extrator...the next day we must have ran 500 rounds through it, and it did extract!


I understand your post, but for the "others"....

Extract == Pulling an unfired round from the chamber.

Eject == "blowing" a spent case out the ejection port after firing.

Example: Ya can't "Pull" an unfired round out of the chamber without an extractor.

Dill, I know exactly what you are saying.

Those cases must do a hell of alot of bouncing around, inside the receiver, before "finding" the port.

I did some "slo-mo" experimenting and saw how the extractor acts as a "pivot point" that directs the case towards the port.

Kinda like if you "stubbed your toe". Ya get that "flipping" motion in that direction.

Without an extractor holding the case to the bolt, The case had a tendancy to go upwards when it hit the magazines ejector lip or the TG's ejector pin.
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Part Numbers?

:) Hey G- Man! Those are some great photo's; thanks a bunch. Are the left and right extractors the same part number in your owners manual? How about the plungers and springs; are they the same part numbers for both sides? Thanks again! Safe Shootin! Joe
Excellent question.

Looks like Ruger didn't update the manual yet. Mine still shows the single extractor bolt. So curious as all get out, I pull it apart and to my surprise they aren't even close to being the same, different plungers, springs, and extractors.

Check it out.
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