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I haven't shot mine yet as my receiver and trigger group are off to CPC for some alterations... Mine is in .17mach2 though, but after seeing your groups, I'm sure I'll be more than adequately satisfied...

Ok, lets run with this: All your groups are clearly under 1". Your last few under .75" You've only fired one brand of ammo. You're not happy and you were expecting more?!?!? Hmm... Perhaps when you find the right ammo, you'll probably be averaging around .5"@50. That's very respectable, IMO.

The Acculite barrel is designed 1) for lightweight, 2) for accuracy. There is no respectable barrel that is any lighter. You also won't be getting in the .25" club with it often, or at all at 50.

If you're looking for a shooting closer to .25" (not a really realistic goal of just a casual shooter, IMO), you would probably be better off with a VQ THM. They are more accurate than the MR, but also weigh 3/4 lb more.

Send the bolt off to CPC and consider getting a Fine Duplex instead of the target dot. The power of your scope is fine, but if you're looking for consistent half inch groups, you'll probably need a little more power and a cool and calm day at the range.

Good shooting BTW. All your groups are under 1"@50. For a .22 LR, I think that's a good thing.
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