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magnum ideas

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I am preparing to begin my first magnum project. I decided I will go with the 22wmr over the 17hmr. This rifle will be mostly a gopher blaster and other wreched varmin buster. My idea was to get the magnum with a deluxe sporter stock but I don't think they make em like that now that I have started to snoop around. My idea was to have the sporter stock with a shoulder strap and harris bipod. Maybe a gm running boar barrel down the road and of course all the action goodies to clean up the trigger pull and improve reliability. Also looking at a weaver v-16 scope or maybe a nikon buckmaster since i see they are on sale at swfa for a comparable price.

Now for the questions. Are the magnums not available in the sporter stock? I don't want to put too much money into this gun so I would prefer to stay away from a custom stock if possible.

What do you think is a better scope, the weaver v-16 or nikon buckmaster 4.5-14. They are about the same price. I like my v-24 a lot but have not used either a v-16 or buckmaster. they seem to both have a good rep.

Thanks for the help. Now I gotta go find a job so I can start this project.

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The magnum only comes in one configuration - see www.ruger.com As far as scopes, I have looked through both and think they are both good scopes. You will probably hear more positive things on the v-16 as alot of people have them here. I would probably go with the Weaver myself actually.
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