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magazine problems

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I just bought two new factory magazines and they are not working very well at all.  I have to take one of them out and pound it on the bench every 10 rounds.  Is this a common problem?  I never had that trouble with other magazines.  Is there some weay to fix it?
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The new mags seems to  have trouble. There is a proceedure on the tips and tricks section but I dont think it is working. Chief Dave and Big MIke are the experts. and probably can post the write up for you.

Sorry, but the RFC "Tips & Tricks" for Magazine Service is down for editing; however, here is another Site that has a Magazine Service write-up:


Look for molding flash on the rotor vanes; if any is present, remove with a fine file.

When reassembling the magazine, add three of four more flats to the tightening of the cap nut........ ;)

Do NOT overtighten the through screw, as this will bind the rotor.

Good Luck....... ;)
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I'm   confused by all the  . :D
That is a really old thread. I have noticed that some of them show up that way. I think they are a code that isn't translated by the newer format that RFC has changed to over the years.
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