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made for cbc. model 122

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anybody know about bolt action 22/
only marks on it say made in brazil for c.b.c.
cheap dark stained stock with big drop at heel,ten shot clip, cheap thin plastic butt plate, long ruff trigger, front site was cut off center,stampings are crude and deep,has strange long trigger houseing with large head screw on front left inside stock,that's the bad points!
this gun is extremely smooth shooting ,the action never misses.
clip fits good, and it shoots better than my buddys new anschutz
sporter, it's full floated barrel,local gunsmith said it looked like a remington 582 but it's built better in the action..
they were sold thru zanders for $79.95 all gone..
i can shoot .5 in groups and better with the lousy trigger!!

just lookin for info....thanks:confused:
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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