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M41 Failure to Fire

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I have a 10 year old S&W M41 that has started acting up. Squeeze the trigger and it goes click instead of bang. The firing pin hit on the rim looks OK, but must not be enough to ignite the round. I put the "dud" ammo in my Winchester 52 sporter rifle and it all goes bang. About 20% of these rounds won't fire. I have used this same ammo before with no problems, but I didn't have any other brand with me to try.

I carry a toothbrush in my gun case to clean the feed ramp, extractor, and bolt face. Nothing noticable built up, but I used the brush anyway - that didn't help.

Any suggestions?

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Back out the over-travel screw

If the overtravel screw is adjusted too closely, the safety notch on the hammer can hit the sear. This tangential collision sucks up a lot of the energy from the hammer fall, at least enough energy to cause misfires. When the Marine Markmanship team first started using 41's (in the early 1980's I believe) they experienced more misfires than they wanted during a match. To cure this the armorers ground off the safety notch so that the hammer fall wouldn't be slowed down. Misfires went away. To call the device a safety notch is a misnomer since it basically serves no purpose.
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